Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Inspiration

As we drove into our office here in Shrewsbury this week, our staff was suddenly quite aware that the winter holidays were fast approaching. Everywhere you look, people are starting to decorate their homes, stores have started hanging wreathes, and the town is becoming more festive. Everyone is certainly getting into the spirit of season.

During our morning meeting, we began sharing favorite holiday moments and stories that stood out to each of us as well as ideas and dreams of plans for future gatherings. It certainly can be an inspirational time of year for everyone, and it brought about the idea for us to ask our readers the same. What inspirations do the preparations for the holidays bring out in you? Are you excited for friends and family, or dreading the hectic holiday shopping? Share with us a few of your favorite memories, and some of your favorite moments.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where is your writing taking you?

As fall begins to slowly descend on our home and the vibrant green of the trees starts to turn different shades of gold, red and brown, we're reminded of our slow and steady course through time. The fall season has always been associated as a time of reflection and preparation. In a similar spirit, we as writers can take both inspiration and growth from the season.

As a writer, we can ask ourselves, where is our work taking us? Do we write to express our thoughts and feelings? To convey dreams or hopes? To develop a career? Maybe for some it's all of the above, and for others, its a purely unique and personal reason. We would love to hear about your inspirations as well as where your writing is taking you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our New Site

Fall has finally arrived in Shrewsbury, and we thought that it would be the best time to change some of our scenery as well. A splash of fall and earth tone colors and a new design to has been something everyone at the office has been excited about. By now you may have had an opportunity to look over the site and find some new and interesting things.

Be sure to check out our News page to view the winners of our contest which ran through June 30th, as well as check back later this fall for the winners of our July 1st - Sept 30th contest. If you're interested in publishing your own work, please be sure to read a bit about us on our Publishing page. In fact, you can even write to us just to say hello, or ask a question by finding our information on the Contact page.

We also would certainly like to know what you think of the site, and any suggestions you might have for us. The more we know, the better we can work to please all of our contestants, customers, community and friends! So post a comment, send an e-mail, or even follow us on Twitter and we'll be happy to listen.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome To Our Blog!

Hello and welcome to Eber & Wein Publishing's new addition! Here in our blog, we will be bringing you updates about our competition, upcoming events, new publishing opportunities, and lots more! Over the coming months, we'll be working to produce exciting, fun, and new ways for new author's to further participate in our publishing community. In the next few days, we will be launching a brand new version of our site at which we are all very excited about.

We would also like to hear from all of our readers and participating author's on how we can make our site better, and answer any questions you might have. Do you have any requests for our FAQ? Maybe you have an idea for our website or contest. We certainly encourage you to send any ideas our way!