Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winning Poem: Ellen Bonney Marchese

We are happy to present the Grand Prize Winner's poem of 2009's April 1st through June 30th contest.


They drift like petals, to and fro:
a vari-colored multitude;
bright saris, sturdy calico,
a turbaned head, a fancy ‘dude’,
in dazzling dissimilitude.

Soft sounds on fragile air are hung,
rich rhythms resonate and spill
--a polyglot of mother tongues:
melodic, guttural or shrill;
the fleeting phrases, vibratile.

The cream of Island lilt is slurred,
a Muslim intonates a prayer,
the grit of ghetto is interred
and Asian sing-song pocks the air
as echoes haunt this thoroughfare.

Each voyager, his path pursues,
joint dweller of the universe,
odd earthlings of a hundred hues,
each one distinctively diverse
--converge, touch shoulders and disperse.

They drift, like petals, to and fro:
Pietro, Su Li, Ahmed, Joe.

By: Ellen Bonney Marchese


  1. This is a well written poem, with wonderfully vivid imagery and a number of enthralling, colorful images. Plus it has a bit of a message as well. I'm not surprised it won.
    Tasha Halpert